Shain Erin an artist from San Francisco Art Institute has created something creepy, a scary dolls made from mixed media including fabric and paperclay. These dolls which are fashioned as zombies, skeletons, ghosts, monsters, and mummies really freaks me out, but to Erin his creations are mediums of art that truly pleased him.

Since childhood he was drawn to art, making amazing works of art in painting, sculpture and digital media.


But Erin’s true passion has always been the mummies.


”This is a new series of small figures I began recently with the theme of mummies. I’ve always been fascinated with mummies – they are like time capsules of ancient cultures and the lives of individual people. They are like books waiting for an audience.” Shain Erin said.


“From an artistic standpoint they are a great vehicle for playing with unusual expressive possibilities and narratively, for weaving a spell of time, mystery and secrets.” He added.



While traveling around the world with his works of art, he challenged conventions and preconceptions about art and art-making.



Erin also claims that his work won’t stop because there is an infinite array of expressive possibilities for the mummy dolls.


You can check his site:



Now that’s one odd work of art. Every piece of art is beautiful it just depend on us how to appreciate them.