Have you ever thought how Halloween costumes looks like from the past? Can you imagine them without the ever famous superheroes, princesses, and sexy costumes? I’m sure you’ll be thankful living in the age where Halloween outfits are turned into cosplay thing once you see these get-ups from the past. Below are some of the creepy old school Halloween costumes that will definitely give you nightmares!

1. Circa 1905 (Teacher dressed as a terrifying ghost)

circa-1905Photo: Archive/Getty Images

Now celebrating Halloween at school is fun. Well it was different story back in 1905 — just take a look at this school teacher dressed as a terrifying ghost.

2. Circa 1910 (Coven of witches)

circa-1910Photo: Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images

A “coven of witches” line up for a Halloween portrait dressed in festive witch’s hats and improvised costumes, circa 1910.

3. Circa 1922 (Not just for kids)

circa-1922Photo: Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

Who says Halloween is just for kids? Well, you’re wrong!

4. Circa 1929 (Three children donning masks)

circa-1929Photo: Cincinnati Museum Center/Getty Images

This photo of three children donning masks in a park is scarier than any horror director could dream of.

5. Circa 1930 (Girl carving a pumpkin with a massive knife)

circa-1930Photo: Keystone-France/Getty Image

A disturbing image of a little girl carving a pumpkin with a massive knife is an image that can’t be unseen. This should have a “Keep away from children disclaimer”

6. Circa 1930 (Woman in harlequin costume)

circa-1930 (1)Photo: H. Armstrong Roberts/Getty Images

A woman in harlequin costume while posing next to a jack o lantern appears to be REALLY getting into the Halloween spirit. Spine-chilling!

7. 1935

1935Photo: Imagno

It’s all an act … or is it? Nerve-racking scene!

8. Circa 1955 (Paper bag mask)

circa-1955Photo: Jacobsen/Getty Images

Childrens Halloween costumes are sophisticated nowadays, but this little girl is what nightmares are made of, she just put on a paper bag over her head while peering through some slit holes in 1955.

9. Circa 1955 (Carved pumpkin)

circa-1955 (1)Photo: Sherman/Getty Images

A family with an eerie smile while illuminated by candlelight appear to be admiring their carved pumpkin … or are they having a seance?

10. Circa 1955 (Beware, ghosts are within)

circa-1955 (2)Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Is it the blank stares of children in costumes celebrating Halloween or the sign on the door which reads “Beware, ghosts are within”? This photo is enough to send chills down your spine.

11. 1965 (Little terrors)

1965Photo: Duane Howell/Getty Images

Now it’s “Happy Halloween.”  But before, kids can be little terrors and these masked children are frightening as they march together to school.

12. 1965 (Jack-o-lanterns)

1965 (1)Photo: AP Photo

A boy appears motionless as he looks at animated jack-o-lanterns in 1965.

13. 1974 (Children dressed in bunny ears)

1974Photo: AP

Children dressed in bunny ears sounds cute right? Not when they appear to screaming with wide eyes in a black and white photo.

H/T: NY Daily

What do you think? Creepy or not?