A video of a raccoon ascending a building like spider-man before jumping off for its life has gone viral

  • Raccoon climbs a building like a freestyle daredevil
  • The creature suddenly jumps of the building and fall down hard on the ground
  • It seems the impact didn’t bother the raccoon and quickly runs to safety

Witnesses took out their cellphone and began filming after spotting the furry creature attempting to climb the building wall like a freestyle “spider-man”.

The daredevil raccoon manages to climb around 9 storeys up the wall, despite of its flat surface with a vertical drop.
Onlookers were puzzled why the animal hike the building wall, it seemed unsure of how to get down before leaping off the wall for its life.
The horrified crowd gasped in horror as the raccoon plunged down hard on the ground.

Even though falling hard sandy floor as witnesses heard the loud thud, the raccoon seems unhurt as he gets up and runs away like a boss.

Watch the video

The footage was capture by a woman named Micha Rea who was on holiday, is made even better by the woman who exclaims: ‘Oh he’s fine!’

The “Evel Knievel” raccoon gets a round of applause as he scurries off, however, no one knows if the brave little fella was injured as a result of the fall.

Via: Metro