The world is so big that we haven’t tasted every single food in this planet and one of the greatest thing in life is to explore other cultures and see how other people eat, but sometimes you need a strong stomach to deal with what you find.

If you’re a gag-seeker, food adventurer, or looking for new ethnic dish that goes well beyond the ordinary dinner party fare, here are some of the most unusual foods from around the globe.

Ooh I forgot to mention they are also the most notoriously disgusting foods you can find.


1. Balut


This is a common street food in Southeast Asia, a developed duck embryo boiled alive and eaten in its egg. Looks gross but so tasty. Just don’t look at the fetus when eating it.

2. Deep Fried Breaded Rat

battered rat

Love fried delicacies? Why don’t you try this deep fried battered rat?

3. Fried Rat

fried rat

Rats are considered a delicacy in Southeast Asia. In China, there are street vendors that sell the rodent deep fried on a stick.

4.  Mice Fetuses on a Maple Frosted Donut

mice fetus

Apparently some Chinese eats this disgusting food (if that’s what you call it). I don’t know what it taste like and I wouldn’t want to know…

4. Cockroach Soup

cockroah soap

If having a cockroach in your dish is a terrible experience, would you imagine eating these nasty creatures serve in your soup? Well guess what some Chinese eat them!

5. Cow Lips

cow lips

This one looks so frightening. Just look at those spikes! But, according to some they are delicious in tacos.

6. Fried Tarantulas

fried tarantula Fried-tarantula

Fried and crispy tarantulas are usually cooked in Cambodia. Markets and small local shops offer a treat for tourists. If you want to buy this crunchy snack, just ask one of the walking vendors.

7. Haggis


A traditional Scottish dish made from a sheep’s stomach stuffed with diced sheep’s liver, lungs and heart, oatmeal, onion, suet and seasoning. Sounds good but looks disgusting.

8. Larva of wood bloodworms


In Australia, great white larva of wood bloodworms is one of the main foods of natives. They can be eaten alive or fried if wanted. Locals says it taste like almonds. The good thing is larvae are an excellent protein source.

9. Ox Penis

ox penis 3 ox penis

In some parts of Asia Ox penis is serve in soups or can be eaten alone. Seems like your sucking some d*ck when eating this. LOL

10. Rooster Testicles

rooster testicles

If there’s a penis of course there are testicles. Rooster testicles doesn’t look that awful and some says it quiet delicious.

11.  Rocky Mountain Oysters

bull 2

bull testicles

Speaking of testicles, bull fries or bull testicles are being cooked traditionally in many countries. The recipe of the dish is simple and very interesting to execute. Such delicatessen for many people might sound crazy and even gross, but the dish is really exquisite.

12. Casu Marzu “Rotten Cheese”

Rotten cheese 2 rotten cheese

A traditional sheep milk cheese from Sardinia, Italy. These cheeses are purposely prepared to become the natural breeding grounds for nests of maggots. This could be the most disgusting cheese in the world though one of the tastiest.

13. Bat Paste and Soup

batsoup 2

Bats are part of the native cuisine in some parts of Thailand, China, Guam and more, but they are considered notorious disease carriers. In Thailand bats are cooked in boiling water or milk, added with Thai herbs and spices. Would you like to try this delicacy? I better skip it for now.

14. Live Cobra

live cobra

In the Vietnamese village of Le Mat near Hanoi, they will rip out a snake’s still-beating heart and serve it to you in a bowl. (Pictured here is cobra wine)

15. Three Lizard Liquor

lizard liqour

After having your unusual dinner why don’t you have a few shots of this “Three Lizard Liquor”? This fancy wine is predominantly found in Asia and is typically produced by infusing lizards (three to be precise) into rice wine. The traditional eastern medicine theory states that this allows the lizard’s energy to be absorbed by the alcohol and thus transferred to whoever drinks it.

Bonus: Obnoxious Japanese Food


Uhmm would you eat those toppings?

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It is very surprising to know such kind of foods exist. Don’t forget to share this to your friends. Hope you enjoy your meal!