Recently, reports of accidents involving the fidget spinner have gone viral online. However, another hot selling “toy” has been striking fear on Chinese parents because of the real danger that it could inflict on children.

This hot selling toy is called Toothpick Crossbow, a miniature crossbow that fires toothpicks.

The popularity of this dangerous toy has been sweeping across China making fidget spinner a thing of the past.

But many Chinese parents fear the said toy because despite it is tiny…

It can pierce through a paper cup…

An apple…

And even in a soda can!

Having said that, it can easily pierce someone’s skin and worst make someone goes blind.

This tiny crossbow sends parents across China exclaimed their worries and asks to ban the selling of the toothpick crossbow on any store and even online.

Cities like Chengdu, Kunming and Harbin have already banned the sale of the crossbow toys, while police in Chongqing, Ningbo and Hunan have issued warnings before some kid gets seriously hurt.

Some famous online stores have already banned the selling of toothpick crossbow, unfortunately, it is still available on other sites for as little as 10 yuan.

Via: Shanghaiist