Horrible things happen when we drink too much, especially to women. When drunk, ladies are vulnerable to abuse to the point that some are getting raped without consent. Your faith entirely relies on those who are around you. Often that not, many will take advantage of you when you already passed out. We are living in a terrifying world nowadays somehow.

Having said that, the following video depicts how women should be treated when they are too drunk.

The footage starts showing a girl who already passed out on the couch.

A man then enters the room and begins pulling down her jeans!

While it looks like the man is about to take advantage of her, what happens next sends us an important message.

See it for yourself:

The ending sends a powerful message that men should treat all women with respect, no matter how drunk they are.

The video was made by vlogger, NinchiBoy, who at the end of the clip says:

“This video is a clear example of how men should treat women. It’s done so you can get yourselves together and treat them the way they deserve.”

I know you got tricked by this video but I hope you learn a thing or two. Taking advantage of a drunk woman is not a good thing to do. If we don’t treat them with respect, who will?