A  statue of Jesus Christ caught opening its eyes has baffled the internet recently. Now, another alleged religious miracle has been reported in Bolivia.

A Virgin Mary statue was captured on video weeping blood!

Virgin Mary crying blood 1

The incident happened in the Manuripi-Heath Amazonian Wildlife National Reserve. It was observed by church goers that the statue started crying a sticky brown substance.

Samples of the substance were gathered by medics to find out what it could be.

Virgin Mary crying blood 2

According to a local priest named Father Jose Luis Mamani, the statue is also shedding blood from its hands. In fact, there’s a photo taken by a local parishioner showing red stains on its fingers and left cheek.

Here’s the report:

A similar incident happened three months ago in Colombia when another Virgin Mary statue allegedly shed a tear of blood. However, The Vatican still hasn’t recognized this incident in Bolivia as a valid miracle.

Is this real, a publicity stunt, or just another hoax? Please share your thoughts below.

Via Unilad