An adorable Pikachu mascot in Shandong Province, China is looking and waiting for people to take pictures with him for 2 dollars has been making waves on the internet not just because of its cuteness but the real story behind the costume.

  • You can have a Pikachu photo ops for 2 dollar in China
  • When Pikachu removes the hat, everyone went to tears – a granny was inside
  • Han Xiu Vinh wears the Pikachu costume despite its hot and heavy and her aging body to earn for her family’s medical expenses
It seems that the Pikachu mascot was done for a company advertising event, however, the words in the sign left clients curious and puzzled.

It says: “Please save my daughter, son-in-law and my husband by taking photo and pay 2 dollar. I was 71 years old in Jiangxiang Village, An Hung Township, Maidan District, Heze City. I even can lose my life to help my daughter, my son-in-law to earn money for treatment. Please help our family, thank you. ”

And when the Pikachu removed the hat, everyone started to have a teary eye when they saw who’s inside – she was grandmother with a melancholy face and sweaty look.

Her name is Han Xiu Vinh and she has two sons and a daughter and has been living with her daughter and son-in-law.

In 2007, her daughter suddenly fainted but she regained consciousness she was paralyzed from waist down. The doctor diagnosed her with a brain tumor to make matters worse her cyst gradually enlarged and made her blind.

Shockingly, her son-in-law decided to divorce his wife instead of taking of her spouse making the whole family more miserable as they need to save money as much as possible.

The misfortune doesn’t stop there, a year later, Han Xiu Vinh husband suffered from traffic accidents, with broken bones and cerebral hemorrhage, and had no money for treatment.

However, in 2010, her daughter was able to walk again and her body gradually recovered, then through the introduction, she found a new husband and gave birth to a son.

It seems everything is going smoothly, but when her grandson was 6 months old, her daughter ‘s brain tumor reappear and it look as if the heaven falls on them, her son-in-law suddenly suffered a cerebral hemorrhage making the couple bedridden.

In order to pay for medical expenses, the grandmother had to suit up as Pikachu after taking care of the three of them in the daytime and at night taking pictures with people on the street for a few dollars that means so much.

Han Xiu Vinh daughter-in-law admires her mother-in-law for being hardworking and despite the family life is very difficult with three patients and a 5-year-old grandson she will go to any kind of work without hesitation.

Ms. Han aging body doesn’t bother her to wear the hot and heavy Pikachu costume she will endure anything to take care of her family.

Han Xiu Vinh tremendous sacrifices and her prayers will soon be heard and she will be an example to all to never give up whatever turmoil in life that comes your way.

H/T: Feedytv