• Farmers were shocked to find an eight-kilogram potato that resembles a human foot.
  • Marli and Paulo Ciquinel discovered the mutant-looking potato behind their home in the town of Meleiro, Brazilian.
  • The startling spud has grown to look like a human foot, including realistic looking toes that descend in height order.

We’ve seen a lot of photos of vegetables and fruits that have grown into some weirdest shape. This potato found in Brazil has grown into something else.

Marli and Paulo Ciquinel showing the gigantic looking like big foot potato.

The huge potato has grown to resemble a human foot – a Big Foot, complete with toes that descend in height order.

Interestingly, the biggest toe is covered in roots that look like hair mimicking the real thing. The ‘potato foot’ reaches up to nearly knee-height.

The couple, both retired has been planting root crops and other vegetables behind their home for six years.

Marli said, “We have never seen anything like it. Let’s see what we are going to do with the potato. Perhaps, we can put it on display if anyone would like to see it.”

“I was a little bit scared when we harvested that potato,” she added.

The pair usually plant vegetables for their own consumption but the couple do not expect to eat the eight-kilogram (17lb) mutant-looking big foot potato.

And it also has an extra toe!

Via: Mirror