A woman with a pregnant-looking belly was rush to a hospital but it was already too late when the patient arrived.

23-year-old Xiao Jia looks like a pregnant woman, even though she’s not.
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She was rushed to a hospital but the doctors declared her dead on arrival. The doctor who examined her said that she had stopped breathing, her pupils no longer react to light and the electrocardiogram machine showed a straight line.

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Sadly, the girl’s mother could not believe what she heard and cried.
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“Doctor! Please, I beg you to save my daughter’s life, please!” The patient’s mother was very sad and heartbroken.

Though reluctant to reveal the unpleasant truth, the doctor said, “There were no vital signs when I arrived and there is no need to perform any emergency rescue at all. I am sorry, but it’s too late.”

Apparently, the woman’s sudden death was due to her liver cancer that was diagnosed three months ago.

Three months ago, the university student came to the emergency and told the doctor that she had severe abdominal pain and that she stopped having a period. Her belly also started to get big, looking like a pregnant woman.

The doctors find out that Xiao Jia was not pregnant. Her swollen belly and severe abdominal pain were caused by abnormal buildup fluid. But the excruciating pain she experienced was because of the liver cancer.

Apparently, before Xiao Jia acquired cancer, she enrolled in her dream university. She came from a poor family, thus, was so determined to finish school.

She studied very diligently every day to obtain scholarship and grants.
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But along her college journey, she ignored her frequent abdominal pain and fever thinking she was only getting cold.

Soon, her belly slowly grew large until she looked like she was six months pregnant. Other students thought she is actually pregnant.

When Xiao Jia knew could no longer bear the abdominal pain, she visited the hospital. Doctors diagnosed that her bloated stomach was caused by abdominal fluid buildup.

Unfortunately, her cancer had already reached stage 4; the final stage of liver cancer. Three months later she succumbs to cancer.
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Meanwhile, the doctors explained that the causes of Xiao Jia’s liver cancer can be determined by two factors.

Number 1: Staying up late frequently.
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The lack of sleep messes up with our biological clock that controls our sleep and thousands of other functions like growth hormone.

Staying up late frequently affects the liver’s self-healing at night and falling into deep slumber is how the liver repairs itself.

However, if we stay up late, our liver cannot completely eliminate toxins and regenerate new cells, thus, allowing the toxin to build up in our body.

In the long run, the damaged liver cells will turn into malignant cells which can affect other organs in the body.

Number 2: Mental depression or stress.

Patients with depression or excessive psychological stress would have obvious changes in behavior patterns and it is due to the negative emotions of pessimism, self-pity, resentment, and despair.

However, in long-term, this may lead to the damage of the liver causing bad blood circulation and other health problems.

A healthy lifestyle can not only reduce our risk of getting cancer, it also helps us to avoid other health complications and hospital bills.

So the doctors always advised us to get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet, drink enough water and do sufficient exercise.

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