Darrell Hamilton Junior wants to propose to his girlfriend Rheanna and decided it would be a cloud nine proposal – a magical moment above the clouds.

After more than a year of elaborate planning to make sure his loved one would say ‘yes’, it was time to put the plan into action.

The lovers board a private plane and roam the sky, but before that, he made a sign especially for her as a clue to his proposal. However, he soon realized that he made a spelling mistake as the sign is written “Merry me” but worst, he began to feel a motion sickness.

As soon as they saw the sign, he took the ring box out of his pocket and tapped Rheanna on the arm and asked her the magic words.

However, even before Rheanna could respond, something unexpected happened…

Darrell said, “When I showed small clips to friends and colleagues they all suggested I should share it. Still kinda embarrassed but hey, this happens once in a lifetime.”

That’s really embarrassing and awkward. Well, she still said yes and that’s what is important!