It’s a touching moment to see a son offered his back for his elderly mother while waiting at a hospital lobby in south-east China.

  • A son and his frail mother were spotted waiting patiently to pick up prescriptions at a busy hospital in China
  • Police officer Xiong Shuiyuan was praised for his act of filial piety towards his 84-year-old mother letting her sit on his back
  • The man said, “She used to carry me on her back, too, when I was little,” and he was just ‘doing his part as a son’.
A son has been praised for an outstanding act of filial piety towards his 84-year-old mother when he let her rest on his back as there are no available seats at a hospital lobby.

The pair was filmed at the Jiangxi Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. as the frail mother and son waiting patiently for prescriptions.

The son was later identified as police officer Xiong Shuiyuan at the local Donghu bureau, said he didn’t think twice to let his 84-year-old mother rest on his back at the busy hospital, saying: ‘She used to carry me on her back, too, when I was little.’

In an interview a Jiangxi Network Radio and TV Station, Xiong Shuiyuan said that he had just gotten off a overnight shift at the police station and had been accompanying his elderly mother for a regular checkup and he was just ‘doing his part as a son’.

He also said that his mother was getting tired from standing, so he immediately squatted down and asked her to sit on his back as there were no empty seats around.

“I spotted an empty seat after several minutes and helped my mother to it,” he told reporters, admitting that he couldn’t feel his legs after.

“My mother used to carry me around on her back when I was a child, so I’m doing the same. I didn’t expect the overwhelming reaction,’’ he said.

‘’She took care of me, now it’s my turn to take care of her. It’s that simple,’’ he added.

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The video immediately went viral online praising the young man for his love for his mother with one commented, “Such an filial son! Good for him.”

“Spreading positive energy!’’ another user said.

It’s definitely heart-warming to see that there’s still people who can do filial acts towards the elderly especially their parents where most of this generation are becoming uncaring and numb towards them.

Via: Daily Mail