Personal hygiene is important but sometimes it’s not enough to protect us from infestation, like lice. Last year, a video of a girl infested with “millions” of head lice had gone viral on social media sites. We have all heard of head lice, but what we didn’t know, they could live and breed in other parts of our body with hair, like the eyelids.

A woman from Shandong in northeast China, identified only as Ms. Zhang had this terrifying experience after finding out that there is lice living in her eyelash.

Apparently, before the creepy discovery, on July 20, Zhang was admitted at the Haida Hospital in Shandong province due to a type of ischemic stroke called cerebral infarction. Then she started feeling some discomfort on her left eye and thought it was just a secondary effect of her illness.

But two days later, Zhang’s nightmare began when her left eye began to itch with oozing discharge. She thought she had an eye infection but her son saw something moving on her eyelid as he took a closer look.

Her son exclaimed, “Mom! There’s stuff moving on your eyelid!”

Zhang was shocked and decided to see a specialist to check her swollen-red eye.

eyelash lice 2

It was then when Dr. Bao Guisheng discovered that her eye problem is not due to infection but lice infestation or her eyelash.

eyelash lice 1

Dr. Guisheng discovered 20 “little worms” under a sheet of white discharge in her eye.

eyelash lice 3

The doctor said, “These lice were all white in color. I thought they were some sort of parasitic bug, like mites or something, but when we looked through a microscope, we saw that they were lice.”

Zhang’s eye was sterilized, then nurses took out the lice one by one with a pair of tweezers. She is now recovering.

Watch this close up video of eyelash lice.



Lice are wingless insects that feed off the blood and skin of people. They are not dangerous but are contagious, and can easily spread between people. Lice lay eggs in hair which hatch six to 10 days later. Within 15 days the nits grow into adults, laying more eggs. Symptoms of eyelash lice include extreme itching of the eyelid, small red spots and debris around eyelashes. In can be terminated using tweezers or suffocate the parasites using antibiotics prescribed by doctors. Using nit lotions are not recommended as it may cause eye damage.

Via: Viral Spell | Mirror

It seems that “Eyelash Lice” are extremely rare. However this is not an isolated case.