Snakes are one of the most feared creatures in the world, they can be venomous or just monstrous. As we all know, snakes have big appetites and flexible jaws that could swallow and devour an even larger species than them as a meal.

Two of those gigantic snakes are Pythons and Anacondas which can easily crush large preys by coiling and crushing their bones. Yes, we’ve already heard a lot of news about giant snakes devouring other animals and even humans, but nothing is more unusual than the video that you’re about to see…

Just recently, a group of men found a monstrous, lifeless snake with hugely swollen stomach lying in the bushes.

anaconda eating anaconda 2

Out of curiosity, they decided to cut open the giant snake’s belly to know what it might have eaten before it died.

It could be a human or another huge animal…

anaconda eating anaconda 1

But what they found out left them in shock! Apparently, the dead snake’s last meal turned out to be a giant reptile…

anaconda eating anaconda 3

Another massive snake nearly identical its size which seems to be also full. Thank goodness there wasn’t another snake inside that other snake inside that other snake.

anaconda eating anaconda 4

Watch the full video:

It is really unusual to see snakes devouring its own kind, especially in large species like Anacondas. Are they suffering food shortage? One thing is for sure, in the wild survival of the fittest truly exist.