A boxer wannabe dubbed as the world’s biggest bully for throwing dirty punches to his unsuspecting opponents gets destroyed by a 16-year-old amateur boxer.

Meet Charlie Zelenoff aka ‘Charlie Z’ a delusional champion, a boxing wannabe, and an internet troll.
Photo: Charlie Z

Charlie is known to trick gym goers for a light sparring. However, as soon as they touch gloves, he throws flurries of heavy punches and tries to knock out his opponents using his dirty tricks.

Photo: YouTube

Once his challengers defend and back away, he asks them if they’ve had enough and if they said yes, Charlie Z turns to the camera and boasts that he has notched up another win.

In some occasions, if his opponent fights back, Zelenoff runs away, calls a timeout and does whatever he can to put distance between himself.

Sometimes, he even uses dirty tactics like attacking his challengers while still unprepared then claims victory afterward.

But karma decided to teach him a lesson after he challenged a huge 16-year-old amateur boxer. The internet troll thinks it will end just like one of his mischievous “light spars” but he was completely destroyed by the young boxer who had no plans to go easy on him.

Apparently, this is not the first time Zelenoff’s ass gets kicked, he even had a chance to spar with Mayweather Sr. and get schooled.

He tried his dirty tactics on the old man and clobbered him with some cheap shot, which caused Mayweather’s entourage to jump into the ring and stomp the sh*t out of him.

Even pro boxer Deontay Wilder had a piece of him after trolling him for a couple years and making fun of Wilder’s daughter, who suffers from spina bifida.

Despite being beaten by Wilder with video as proof, this delusional grandeur began telling people that he had actually won.

Perhaps this guy will never learn even taught a lesson so many times.

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