Is is a cat? or a dog? Guess what? It’s a rabbit. This cute fluffy ball is the Angora rabbit from which the silky and soft Angora wool is harvested. The Angora is one of the oldest breeds of domestic rabbit which originated in Ankara, Turkey. It’s soft like cotton ball appearance makes the Angora so adorable and surely you’ll fall in love with.

Rabbit 1
There are Five breeds of Angora rabbits. The English breed is commonly used as pets because of its cute, fluffy appearance. This is the breed that is pictured here in these images Other breeds are French, Giant, Satin and German.
Rabbit 2
Depending on breed, angoras weigh between 6 and 12 pounds
Rabbit 3
All of them have slightly different wool and coloring, often with specific color points on the ears, nose, and feet.
Rabbit 4
They are so cute that you’ll want to cuddle them for a day.
Rabbit 5
The most interesting thing about Angora Rabbits is that they don’t affect allergy, making them one of the most popular pets.
Rabbit 6
Angora’s French breed is popular for hand spinning
Rabbit 7
These bunnies needs a lot of grooming. But it’s hair is pretty good for those stylish ones.

Rabbit 8


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