Some people attend weddings for the food, or for the cake, or even for the videos. But for one thing, most couples pay a huge amount for videographers to make videos and photo slides of the time they met. Some videos of which get ignored when it is shown at the same time of eating. There is also the “SDE” or same day edit which shows the summarized version of the wedding with a cool song.

But this couple, Justin Willman and Jillian Sipkins has set the bar for having the most fun, original way to tell guests how they met without the usual (but sometimes boring) video.

couple-drunk-history 4

“Yesterday we got married. We didn’t want to waste time at the wedding reception having to answer the question “how did you two meet?”, so with the help of a few friends and a lot of booze we made this video to show at the rehearsal dinner.” Justin wrote in the description of the video.

They did like Drunk History style. After drinking 2 bottles of whisky, a bottle of wine, and vodka.


The couple could actually pass off as movie stars. They told the story of how they met, and after 2 years how they finally could get together. It was cute, funny, and really original.

couple-drunk-history 5

Watch the epic video below:


How about you? How would you like to tell the story of how you met?

H/T: Justin Willman via Elite Readers | Images via Daily Mail