Perhaps the most famous meaning of love ever quoted is “Love is like a rosary that is full of mystery”, but what does love really means? Answering it seems so complicated because there are so many different ways to express love for one another. So in celebration of the love month, Jubilee Project made a video titled “Love Lesson” that will help us demystify the meaning of love.

In this adorable video children were asked regarding their thoughts about love, and their answers? Ultimately priceless!kids answers love
First the children were ask how old they are, then they were asked what is love and if they have fallen in love before…kidslove2
As the interview goes the kids reveal how simple love is and how to show and expressed it the easiest way possible.kidslove4
Watch the video below and be sure to take note their wonderful thoughts.


Sure, these kids do really know what love is and how to show it. Love is simple and it can be expressed without fancy gifts, flowers and chocolates, just a mixture of  friendship, appreciation and happiness.

H/T: Jubilee Project