Sometimes we tend to be overconfident just because we know something. Perhaps this guy, who is studying Muay Thai, has the same thing in mind when he picks a fight with a smaller man. But he instantly regrets it as the other guy is nothing but an MMA instructor and a freestyle fighting champion.

In the video, a man in a yellow shirt is seen confronting and shoving a smaller guy in red.

The latter seems to be trying to tell the big guy to back off. However, the man in the yellow shirt grabs the other guy by the neck, tips off his leg, and tosses him to the ground.

At this point, the man knew there’s nothing he can do but to fight back. He quickly gets up in a fighting stance and tries to kick his opponent in the face. He misses and loses his footing, yet he rapidly gets up once again.

This time he grabs his foe’s leg and conveys him to the ground while delivering a finishing kick to the man’s jaw.

The kick is so fatal that it made the man in yellow twitching on the pavement like a dying rat.

The incident happened in Chongqing neighborhood following a parking dispute. The man in the yellow shirt apparently studies Muay Thai, while the man in the red shirt is an MMA coach.

But despite how brutally bad it looks for the tall guy, he didn’t suffer any major damages. A chairman of a local fight club told reporters that, in fact, the kick had simply triggered muscles spasms in the man but after a bit, he was perfectly fine.

Via: Shanghaiist