Do you believe in ghost or demonic possession? Though many stories of demonic possession have been passed down, only few were caught on tape such as this eerie footage of a man allegedly possessed by a ghost while in a convenience store. But is he really possessed or it is just another hoax? See it for yourself.

The clip started with a man reaching into a fridge and taking out a drink when suddenly, he turns stiff and begins shaking violently.

man possessed 2

His body jerks vigorously, grunting and yelping, before he starts shaking his head. He then suddenly drops to his knees, while pulling his t-shirt, as if something has entered his body. A female staff went to check him but the man raises his hand and points at the stack of toilet rolls making the woman flee in terror.

man possessed 3

The man later stands up and aggressively tugs his own hair before falling unconscious to the floor.

man possessed 4

But here’s the spine-chilling part – out of nowhere a reflection of a ghostly figure appears on the fridge door, despite no one being there only the man who was lying on the floor. And then, the toilet rolls which the man was pointing lately, inexplicably fall from the shelve as if someone knocked it over.

Watch the video

The eerie footage was captured by a CCTV camera in one of the supermarkets in Malaysia and has been viewed over a hundred thousand since it was uploaded on Liveleak in 2012. However, many were skeptics about the video and claims that it is a fake one.

One commentor said: “Absolutely faker than any strippers t*ts. How many CCTV’s have audio?”

While another one commented: “BTW look at his hand at the end of the video. He is clearly pulling a string to make those toilet paper fall off the shelf.”

It is unclear what happens to the man on the video and there are no other details attached which makes the video more unbelievable.

Via: Mirror