Sleeping is the best way to rejuvenate your tired body and it also gives our body a chance to heal. Unfortunately, some of us do not have the luxury of having a good night sleep. Maybe because of work and lifestyle causing a sleeping disorder, primarily insomnia. But there is a Turkish man who is by far experiencing the worst case scenario as he has not slept for 55 years!

Meet 89-year-old Mehmet İnanç who suffers from a sleeping disorder called “chronic insomnia” which apparently has no cure.
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It was in 1960 when he was diagnosed with this sleeping disorder, since then he never had an eye shut and even highly skilled doctors were not able to make him sleep.
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Being unable to sleep Mehmet İnanç decided to give up and turned to his hobbies to pass time during the night after he retired.

“I now see it as a gift from God. I am healthy save for my insomnia. I have all the time in the world and do whatever I can. I read books I could not have before, and solve crossword puzzles. I set up a small workshop in the basement where I fix furniture and knit caps and socks,”

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Turkish doctors were baffled about his extreme insomnia and tried to help İnanç, but unsuccessful. They even put him in an observation room if he would sleep and crack the case. But they totally failed, as the man being watched became the watcher as he openly looked at the nurses and doctors fell asleep.

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To make the matter more complicated, Mehmet was a heavy sleeper when he was just 24. According to him, He tried a lot of different medications, even hypnosis but unluckily doesn’t help.

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What’s more amazing is when he fractured his foot and needs surgery. The doctors gave him narcotics hoping to knock him out in the operating room but failed again. İnanç was awake and aware during the surgery and was talking to the staff at the entire procedure.

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Gazi Özdemir, a professor of neurology, explained that ‘İnanç “sleeps” for 5-10 minutes during daytime naps (which he is not aware of as his eyes are opened all the time) and that eliminates any need for his night sleeps.’

Research shows that 68 percent aging from 18 to 29 had symptoms of insomnia, while people aging from 30 to 64 are 59 percent and only 44 percent over the age of 65 report problems. It seems people over 60 years don’t feel the need to sleep as much as younger ones and probably 3 hours of sleep is enough.

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This is indeed the most bizarre case of insomnia, good thing he manages his sleeplessness into something productive. Share this story with your friends. –TLN