We’ve been mystified by mermaids and mermen since the day the name came out but until now the existence of these creatures remains enigmatic. Though many claims they’ve seen and captured them on video the authenticity is still uncertain. However, a mysterious footage captured in Poland has been circulating the internet and has left many people claiming as proof that the creatures exist. Does it?

The bizarre video shows five men in bio-hazard suits gathering on a river bank with two men dressed like paramedics.


The men in white lifted something from the bank that looks like a large fish and brought it on the waiting stretcher.

merman 2

But the incredible footage reveals a half-fish half-man body that resembles a “Merman” as they lay him carefully on the stretcher.


At this point, the bearded Merman is clearly visible.


The mystical creature was wheeled away to an unknown location. No-one has heard anything of the occurrence since.

merman 3

Watch the video

After the mysterious video was posted online, people started claiming that it’s a proof that Mermen exists. However many are skeptics that the footage was just a hoax or maybe a part of a film. What do you think? Share your thoughts below!

Via: Elite Readers