Bezoar is a term used to describe a mass of foreign material found in the stomach and occasionally in the intestine. The most common bezoars consist of plant material is called phytobezoars. However, in the following case, it is not plants which are found but a bunch of metals. This rare condition is called metalbezoar.

A 43-year-old female has been suffering abdominal pain and vomiting for 10 days. When doctors checked her out, they were baffled to see foreign objects inside her.

X-rays revealed nondigested foreign material in her stomach.

Urgent operation was done in order to save the woman who happens to have a psychiatric disorder.

Metalbezoar: Nails, pens, spoon, woods, hair, metal chain and toothbrush were extracted from her stomach.

According to report, the woman has a history of foreign body ingestion.

Bezoars generally occur in emotionally disturbed, depressed, or mentally retarded patients. Therefore, psychiatric evaluation and therapy are needed to prevent a recurrence. Only few cases of metalbezoars have been reported worldwide.