In sports, trash talking is quite normal, a psychological war against an opponent. But sometimes it is mixed up with arrogance, turning out to be like bullying your competitor. Like in this MMA fight, a cocky fighter named Julian “The Jackal” Julz, a champion made the biggest mistake in his career by intimidating his opponent, Ben Nguyen.

He’s so arrogantly confident, pushing the other guy by getting in his face and forcing him to step back at their pre-match photo shoot.

ben nyugen3

But Ben “10” Nguyen stood his ground and didn’t falter to his opponent’s taunts. Instead, he withheld his pride and waited for the actual match.

ben nyugen2

Nguyen taught Julz the meaning of humility, the hard way. The event shows that MMA or all sports is all about discipline, self-control and fair play.

ben nyugen

Watch how Julian humiliates Ben:

And this is how Ben Nguyen responds:

Wereblog doesn’t promote violence, but these videos teach us something valuable, not to humiliate someone and never underestimate our opponents.

Great fighters are those who shake hands and hug before after the fight, those who want to make peace instead of war. This is why real fighters need to be humble at all times. Lesson learned!