Mother’s instinct is undeniably strong and this was shown when a new mom saw her son’s face for the first time, she knew instantly that he’s been switch.

  • Mercy saw the face of her newborn son and knew immediately something is not right.
  • The doctors convince her otherwise, but decided to take DNA test later on
  • Mercy’s maternal instinct prove her right and Jacob is not her real sonafter all
  • Rich and Mercy had a long battle with El Salvador government to release a birth certificate or a passport for their son Moses to travel in the United States.

Mercy Casanalles and Rich Cushworth met at Christ for the Nations missionary school in Dallas Texas.

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The two fell deeply in love and eventually Mercy got pregnant, but she needs to go back home to El Salvador to give birth since she was in Texas on a temporary visa.

Sadly, her partner Rich was not able to be with them and be present at the birth of his child and instead stayed in the U.S. waiting anxiously for his wife to return.

Despite without her husband beside her, Mercy gave birth to baby boy and had him for a moment as the nurses whisked him away.
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But things turn dark when the nurse handed Mercy, her newborn baby boy Jacob all wrapped up in blankets, she instantly knew that he wasn’t hers.

“When I got him, I said, ‘This is not my baby,’” Mercy told WFAA.

Her mother instinct kicks in the moment she saw him and just knew that this was not her child but the doctors convince her otherwise and took the baby home with big question in her heart.

After two months of bonding with Jacob, the lingering question remains that burdens her heart even more, Mercy decided to have a DNA test.

When the result came in, Mercy almost hit the floor. She was right all the time and despite forming a strong bond with Jacob, the couple knew they must find and returned him to his biological family.

Rich and Mercy reached out to the proper officials and found their son, named Moses but their turmoil was just beginning.
Unbelievably, the El Salvadorian government would not release a birth certificate or a passport for their son Moses to travel in the United States for an entire year!

Thankfully, after a long and trying battle with the government Rich, Mercy and Moses are returning home.

“[We’re] very thankful, very happy,” Rich said.
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Via: Newsner, Gladwire