We are always told to respect the old as we will all grow old in time. But a group of kids doesn’t seem to know what “respect” is and attacked an old age pensioner thinking it would be that easy, but they were wrong…

Two drunk thugs tried to rob and pick a fight with this seemingly innocent old man outside a shop in Russia. But karma is a bitch, as they pick the wrong guy!

drunk thugs rob old man 1

As the confrontation heats up, the elder guy decided enough is enough. Apparently, it turned out he’s an ex-boxer and suddenly strikes out at the youth, defending himself.

drunk thugs rob old man 3

To their surprise, the elderly man hasn’t lost his fighting prowess. He swiftly plants powerful punches, knocking the thugs to the ground.

drunk thugs rob old man 2

And then they get schooled afterwards. Both of the thugs appear to be conscious after the incident, though surely they learned their lesson the hard way.

Watch the epic CCTV footage below:

May this video serves as a deterrent not to disrespect others, especially the old as karma is always there waiting for its time to strike back.