Some Barbie fans spends a lot to look like her, but there are some who were blessed to have such similarities.

  • Baby girl with cute and angel-like face became famous online.
  • 1year-old Isaan unbelievably have similarities to the famous Barbie doll 
  • Is it Photoshop? 
Meet Isaan, 1-year-old girl from Nakhon Ratchasima. A city in the northeast of Thailand became famous for her cute and angel-like face.

Issan’s mother has set up a Facebook account and shares the image of her little daughter to show off her beautiful baby.

However, after posting it online, the Thai community went crazy and began spreading images of the lovely baby that looks exactly like the Barbie doll.

In an instant, the girl with an adorable doll-like face has become popular on social networking site.

After going viral, her pictures of the baby have been updated continuously on Instagram, Facebook and other sites but there are some netizens doubted Isaan’s face and believed it was Photoshop.

Isaan’s mother insisted that her daughter has been gifted a beautiful appearance since she was born and photographs were taken with a regular camera, without any modification.

To prove the point that Isaan doll-like face is real and authentic, her mother has a beauty to boast and her daughter inherited her attractive appearance from her.

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