We often see news about taxi drivers being rude to their passengers, but this is not always the case. Sometimes it’s the other way around, such as this footage showing a passenger displaying an ill-mannered action towards a female taxi driver.

The 31-year-old driver, known only as Kris, picked up three passengers outside a pub in Newport, Lincoln. However, when she asked one of the them to close an open door because it was raining, they started an argument.

The argument escalated quickly and the man sitting in the front tells Kris to stop being rotten.

passenger spit on face 1

Trying to end the heated argument, she politely asks the passengers to leave the car.

passenger spit on face 3

But before the front passenger steps out, he spits on Kris’ face and calls her a pig.

passenger spit on face A

She said, “The man in the front was being quite funny from when they got in. He was saying he didn’t want to sit in the front because then he would have to pay.

‘I was trying to be professional. I was thinking at that point I would send the job back and get someone else to pick them up so I asked them to leave.”

Kris reported the incident to the police and she was disgusted.

Watch the shocking footage:


Via: Metro

There are a lot of rude passengers out there, this is not the first and it’ll not be the last. I just hope proper action will be given to those guys for what they did.