When we think about something being haunted, we think of abandoned asylums, hospitals, houses, and cemeteries. However, one of the most haunted places in the world are the roads where in we are taking route, and here are 10 of those paths that are popularly known to be haunted. Beware, even if you don’t believe in ghosts or paranormal activities, it’s probably wise to turn around if you ever find yourself on one of these roads.

1.) A75 Kinmont Straight, Scotland

A75 Kinmont Straight, Scotlandautoviva

This road has been the scene of numerous hauntings for over fifty years . Reports of unexplained sightings have been frequent enough that the road has been nicknamed ‘The Ghost Road’ It is thought to be Scotland’s most haunted road. In 1957, a truck driver saw a couple walking in front of his truck and he thought he hit them, but he never found a trace.

2. A229 from Sussex to Kent, England

A229 from Sussex to Kentmariaunicorn14

The A229 going from Kent to Sussex and it is one of the most haunted roads in England. Many drivers have confirmed seeing a woman in a white dress appearing in front of their car. But just before hitting her, this white lady suddenly disappears. Most people believe the woman to be Judith Langham, who was killed on the road on her wedding day in 1965. Though she is not the only ghost who’s haunting this road. A hitchhiker was also reported getting into cars, once inside he tells drivers all the things that have gone wrong in the world and how he will make them better, but once they reached a certain spot on the road; he strangely disappears from the seat.

3. Bloodspoint Road, Illinois

Bloodspoint Roadcrystalkiss

Bloodspoint Road in Boone County, Illinois is a very disturbing and dangerous place to be, but throughout Boone County, there are many haunted roads that intersect each other. These roads have been the sites of many disturbing events in the past including murders, suicides, a child that was hit by a train and hangings. One of the worst events was a family that was murdered in the area. In addition, the roads have been the sites of rapes, and children dying on a bus that rolled off a bridge. There was also apparently a witch in the area who hung her children at an old farmhouse. The farmhouse no longer exists, but some drivers have seen it on the field even though later on there is nothing there. With all these horrible events there are many stories these days of seeing children standing on the road, hand marks on cars, strange noises and lights appearing in the trees around the roads.

4. Clinton Road, New Jersey

Clinton Road, NJnationalparanormalassociation

This road is rumored to be haunted and confirmed to be dangerous. Rumor has it that, if you throw pennies off the bridge, the ghost of a little boy will throw them back at you. But the road’s unsavory doesn’t end there, it is also the meeting place for many Satan worshipers and members of the Ku Klux Klan. Weird animals, speculated to be survivors and interbred specimens from the abandoned nearby zoo are also rumored lurking in the woods.

5. Dead Man’s Curve, Ohio

Dead Man's Curve, Ohiofifteenhours

Dead man’s curve is a dangerous turning intersection in Clermont County. According to the common reports, it is where 222 meets State Route 125. The road was part of the Ohio Turnpike built in 1831, and it has a long list of victims. On October 19, 1969, five teenagers died there when their 1968 Impala was hit at more than a hundred miles an hour by a 1969 Roadrunner. People said there is a faceless hitchhiker appearing on this road spooking drivers and passengers.

6. Highway 666, Utah

Highway 666, Utahwatchermeet-up

This unlucky road is now known as Highway 191, the route (the sixth branch of the famous Route 66) is notorious for accidents, apparitions, and just plain bad luck. Drivers reported all kinds of paranormal activities on this road, including driver-less cars, ghosts in cars, and ghost hitchhikers.

7. Kelly Road, Pennsylvania

Kelly Road, Pennsylvaniatop10list

Located in Ohioville, Pennsylvania, Kelly Road is a one-mile section that has numerous reports of paranormal activity and bizarre happenings. The road is surrounded by thick and creepy forest and it is said that when animals enter this area of the road they suddenly turn from peaceful and quiet to raging and violent, attacking other animals and even people. Rumors suggest that the haunting is due to cult activity that once took place near the road and curses that have been put on the land for some reason.

8. M6 Motorway, England

M6 Motorway, Englandwikipedia

The longest road in England is said to be the most haunted. The road itself has existed for roughly 2,000 years and was even used by Roman soldiers during the Roman occupation of England. Motorists making their way down this road have experienced unusual phenomena like Roman soldiers marching, an upset woman trying to hitch a ride and a driver-less pickup truck. Some travelers have also reported seeing eyes looking at them from the bushes around Manchester, in which there was a serious mining disaster many years ago.

9. Stocksbridge Bypass, England

Stocksbridge Bypass, Englandsupernaturalearth

Seems like England is full of haunted roads, Stocksbridge Bypass is formerly part of the M67 motorway in the said country. It has been a location of many bizarre activities. Over time there have been sightings of children playing late at night under the bridge. Other people have heard the sounds of children singing in the vicinity when there are none to be seen. The appearances did not end there, though, a monk is said to be haunting this particular bypass. One sighting of the monk prompted a police investigation which ultimately provided no explanation. Perhaps most frighteningly are the reports of people driving who have suddenly noticed an apparition of the monk sitting beside them in the car!

10 . Tuen Mun Road, Hong Kong

Tuen Mun Road, Hong Kongwikimedia

The Tuen Mun Road in Hong Kong is one of the most important roads and is also a very heavily used road though it wasn’t redesigned for modern cars or traffic patterns, which makes it dangerous. It is notorious for its frequent traffic jams wrecks. Apparently, locals blame many accidents on ghosts who suddenly  appear out of nowhere causing drivers to swerve to avoid hitting the “person” that leads to serious, and sometimes fatal accidents. What’s making matters worse is that the number of spirits continues to grow as more and more people die on the road. It is suggested to travel this road with caution, and keep an eye out for much less cautious “pedestrians”.

Haunted or not it is much better not to take route on these roads. It would be wise to exercise extra caution. Don’t text and drive and most of all don’t drive when drunk.

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