Scientists were thrilled and astonished to discovered a 512 years old shark in the Northern Atlantic Ocean making it the world’s oldest living vertebrate on Earth.

  • Scientists discovered 512-year-old shark in the Northern Atlantic Ocean
  • Greenland sharks tend to live for absurd amounts of time, up to 400 years
  • The finding showed the ancient shark was born dated back 1500s

The Greenland sharks are known to have a long life span, they can live up to 400 years on a regular basis.

This breed of sharks is one of the slowest growing species on the planet, reaching full maturity until they are at least 150 years old.

But the discovery of the 512-year-old breaks all the record and if the findings were true, the shark was born back in the 1500s.

The process of the finding its age is through their eye lenses, the marine biologists examines the amount of radiocarbon that is present and the results showed that the shark is definitely one of the world’s most elderly creatures.

Also, a varied range of Greenland sharks were analyzed for research to bring far more accuracy to a field that has lacked it in the past.

However, determining the age of certain animals is not an exact science, before animals’ size was used to know their age giving rough estimate and not as concrete as we would like but the process evolves as time changes.

Apparently, Greenland sharks are not lingerers by nature just like the 512-year-old shark, they do not spend their entire lifetime in the same location and enjoys procreating in the Northern Atlantic waters.

Base on their genetic results, it is believed that all of the sharks started off in the same location before deciding to migrate.

Scientists are now trying to figure out the secret why the Greenland shark have a longer life span the other animals in which is truly amazing and intriguing.

Via: Good Fullness