Prepare to be blown away by the most elaborate marriage proposal you’re about to witness. It’s like the scene in Glee when Will Schuester asked Emma Pillsbury to marry him but even better because this is for real!

Music teacher Tom Betgeorge (right) from Conservatory of Vocal and Instrumental Arts in Oakland knew the best way to propose to his girlfriend Teri (left) who is an avid fan of musical theater -by staging a singing and dancing flash mob!

tom betgeorge

But it wasn’t just a regular flash mob. It began with a fake volleyball tournament that Tom planned and he asked Teri to watch it.

tom betgeorge 1

In the middle of the volleyball game, “Marry You by Bruno Mars” started playing while the players pretended to be confused…

Tom Betgeorge proposal 1

Then Tom started singing, and his accomplices brought Terri to a throne-like chair.

Tom Betgeorge proposal 2

By this time his girlfriend already knew exactly what was going to happen…

Tom Betgeorge proposal 3

But the surprise proposal isn’t finished yet. While still doing the number, Tom and the dancers went outside and Teri was whisks away on her throne to follow them.

Tom Betgeorge proposal 5

Outside, the flash mob continued with colorful laser lights and confetti.
Tom Betgeorge proposal 7
Then Teri was brought to Centerville Presbyterian Church in Fremont, California where the epic proposal will take place!

Tom Betgeorge proposal 9

Suddenly, everything turned magical as they entered the church.

Tom Betgeorge proposal 10

The church was packed with people who gamely joined in this massive production number that took six months to make.

Tom Betgeorge proposal 11

Magical as it is, Terri can’t help but cry as she was brought to the altar…

Tom Betgeorge proposal 12

And there goes Tom, waiting in his new outfit…

Tom Betgeorge proposal 13

The effortful guy then popped the question as the audience watched and cheered.

Tom Betgeorge proposal 16

As he says: “I know we have talked about getting married for some time, and I have only kept you waiting because I wanted to do something special for you to show you how much I love you, with more than just words. You’re my best friend Terri and I can’t imagine being with anyone except you”

Obviously, Teri said, “Yes!” Who would turn down a proposal as sweet as this?

Tom Betgeorge proposal 17

See the most epic flash mob proposal here:


Overall, the proposal involved “100 performers, 69 singers, 18 dancers, 13 instrumentalists, 11 cameras, 7 confetti cannons, 3 sound systems, and 2 choreographers, + 1 girl who’s worth it!”

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This could be the most epic and effortful marriage proposal I have ever seen. How about you? Do you want a magical proposal such as this?

H/T: Time | Image credit: Tom Betgeorge