Snow…I haven’t seen a snow ever, coming from a tropical country and I’ve never been overseas. Only in TV and movies where I can see the snow, so I’m curious to know how snowflakes will look like in close up. I mean really close up!. Lucky for me, there is a Russian photographer who focuses on macro photography and his favorite subject are snowflakes, natural snowflakes.

Meet Alexey Kljatov, he’s a Mascow based photographer. He’s an inspiration to amateur photographers because without any special equipment he captures a stunning close up images of snowflakes using only an improvise camera. The technique he uses was a well-known reverse lens macro technique. Using a camera like Canon Powershot A650 and a reversed lens Helios 44M-5 (from old film Russian camera Zenit) with some screws, board, tape and tripod he created a special equipment worth thousand in the market!

Kljatov’s camera gives us extraordinary close up images of snowflakes like we never imagine before. And every snowflakes is different in each other, because every little changes in the surrounding produces unique kinds on snowflakes

Kljatov’s camera (Canon Powershot A650+Helios 44M-5)11044731536_917d6e6755_o 11044822583_cf9b4bd45c_o 11044822913_5180cddb0d_o 12358738683_f7d8c78154_z 

The “Snowflakes”  

All Sizes

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