Trees are one of the magnificent creations of nature. But the miracle of nature doesn’t end there. We were surrounded by common types of trees yet we are not aware that some strange trees exist. Weird and unique looking trees that will make you think it’s from another planet. Mother Nature can be so naughty sometimes but despite the trees weird and strange looks, it will serve its purpose for our planet.

Check these strange-looking trees looks like from another planet

1. The Rainbow Eucalyptus

1. The Rainbow Eucalyptus 1via buzznet

1. The Rainbow Eucalyptus 2via Love These Pics

1. The Rainbow Eucalyptus 3via World For Travel

“The rainbow eucalyptus can be spotted in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, and is known for its distinctive bark. The unique multicolored bark is caused by patches of the outer bark shedding at different times to reveal a different color underneath, which darken and mature to reveal blue, purple, orange, and maroon colors.”

2. The Bottle Tree

2. The Bottle Treevia Namibia

“The bottle tree is known for its unusual swollen “bottle” shape, which features a water store at the bottom. Its sap is highly toxic and has been traditionally used in Namibia for hunting purposes.”

3. Cannonball Tree

3. Cannonball Tree via Beauty Scenery

“Cannonball trees are native to the rainforests of Central and South America. The name, as you might guess, is because the fruit falls from the tree at a rapid pace, almost like a cannonball.”

4. The Socotra Dragon Tree

4. The Socotra Dragon Tree 1 via Wikipedia

4. The Socotra Dragon Tree 2via tripadvisor

“The Socotra dragon tree is native to Socotra and is the most distinctive plant of the island. Its unique appearance looks like something from an alien planet.”

5. The Banyan Tree

5. The Banyan Tree via SFGate

“Banyan trees, which can be found throughout the world in warmer climates, are known for their aerial prop roots. These roots grow into trunks, giving the tree a much wider appearance. They are also typically used for bonsai trees as well.”

6. Baobab Trees

6. Baobab Treesvia Wondermondo

“Baobab trees are often called the trees of life because of their incredible stores of water inside the trunk and branches. Typically found in Africa, India, and Madagascar, there are some living baobabs that are over a 1,000 years old.”

7. Jabuticaba Trees

7. Jabuticaba Trees via Teckler

“Native to South America, the Jabuticaba trees look like they’re being taken over by a parasite, but it’s actually a grape-like fruit that can be eaten raw or used to make jelly.”

8. Methuselah

8. Methuselahvia takepart

“Methuselah is said to be the longest-living tree on Earth and is located in eastern California.”

9. The Cucumber Tree

9. The Cucumber Tree via The Suite World

“Much like the Socotra dragon tree, the cucumber tree is unique to the island of Socotra. It is a member of the gourd family and is actually the only species in the family to grow in a tree form.”

H/T: Diply