Road accident can happen anytime, but a Vietnamese driver was dubbed “extremely unlucky” after being involved in two consecutive road mishaps in one day.

  • Lorry driver hit a broken truck on Thai Nguyen Express way, Vietnam and gets trapped in the cabin.
  • The Hyundai truck driver were rescued by the local residents and was put in a taxi to be transported to the hospital but was hit by another truck before it could leave.
  • Such unfortunate happened to the driver victim was in accident and gets trapped twice in one day.
An exceptionally rare road accident happened on the highway in Thai Nguyen Express way, Vietnam when the Hyundai truck driver suddenly collided with another truck.

According to witnesses, before the collision the truck’s rear end collapses because of the heavy tilapia it was carrying but before the broken vehicle could clear the road, it was hit by incoming lorry.

The driver of the said lorry was stuck in the cabin and his two leg were broken after the crash while local residents work hard to rescue the victim out.

The victim taken to the opposite lane and boarded a taxi to bring him to a hospital along with a volunteer but before they could leave another truck came crushing the rear end of the taxi.

The driver, the victim was again trapped inside but this time at the back seat of the taxi and suffered more serious injuries.

The strong impact destroyed the tail of the taxi and injuring also the cab driver and the volunteer and the unlucky truck driver was injured twice in one day and were all sent to the hospital for emergency treatment

The proverb “misfortunes never come singly” certainly proved true for the truck driver. Both of his legs were broken after the first accident and after the second one, he suffered injuries to his head and was unconscious.

Via: Vietnam News