Many couples are struggling to have a child and sadly, some never will, while there are some who were devastated by miscarriages and stillbirths. To those couples having a baby is almost a miracle and could be the most joyful thing that will ever happen to them, just like the story that you’re about to witness.

Arkell Graves and his wife Dana Griffin-Graves had been trying to have a child since they tied the knot 17 years ago. The couple had almost given up on being parents after suffering four miscarriages and one stillbirth. Having one is just a dream…

But everything changes when Dana went to a doctor after becoming worried that she was gaining weight for no reason. To her surprise the doctor told her that she was fine and the reason behind her weight gain is because she’s almost five months pregnant to a boy. Yes, she’s finally having a baby!

Overjoyed about the unexpected news, she set up a plan to surprise her husband…

Dana placed some buns and a picture of her scan in the oven then asked her husband to look inside it.
At first Arkel was confused, but when the reality starts to sink in, a glowing smile brighten his face.
suprise 1
He was so overwhelmed with joy that he burst into tears.

suprise 2

Watch the heartwarming pregnancy announcement:


H/T: Dana GG via Unilad

After the long wait, this couple was finally blessed with a baby. May her pregnancy and delivery be successful. God is good!