Racism is one of the biggest problems humanity is facing. Some think they are far more superior than others, thus leading to abomination and conflicts.

Humans often judge someone by the way they look, their skin, religion, and perceived nationality. However, we need to do something about it, we need to change how we see each other. If not, it’ll create an endless ripple of hatred.

In an effort to stop racism, travel company Momondo gathered 67 people from various ethnicities and offered them a DNA test.

Most of the participants were proud of their nationality, ethnicity, and heritage. They think other races were totally different from them. One even thinks he is more important than other people.

And after two weeks, the participants returned to see the DNA results. Most of them were stunned with the outcome of the test and question who they really are?

This thought-provoking video sends us a message that racism has no room for humanity because we actually have a lot more in common than we think. We’re all cousins in a broader sense. We must accept and love each other regardless of our nationality or skin color and look beyond appearances.

Via: Newsner