A video of a man in agonizing pain has gone viral after the stingray’s tail hooked onto his genitals when he was swimming in the sea.

  • Man left in pain as he got stung in his manhood by a stingray
  • Emergency services improvised to remove stingray’s tail still attached on the poor guy’s genital.
  • Despite the pain of the stingray’s stung, the man was able to stand immediately afterwards.
  • The stingray died on the beach
The unfortunate guy was seen crawling and rolling around on the sand in pain after he was stung by the stingray on his manhood.
Image: AsiaWire

The sea creature was still attached as he crawled back onto the beach in Sanya in China’s Hainan province until the emergency services arrived.

However, the emergency services were not equipped in this kind of cases so they had to improvise to fully remove and unhook the spiny tail from the man’s penis.
Image: AsiaWire

Adding more to the man’s agony, onlookers crowded around him to watch the events unfold, and some had their smartphones out to film or take pictures of the unfortunate incident.

Eventually, the emergency services were able to remove the tail and despite the pain, the man was able to stand immediately afterwards.
Image: AsiaWire

He was then sent to the hospital for further check-up for the fact that the stingray’s tail is known for its poisonous stung.

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Sadly, witnesses claim that the stingray died on the beach, on the other hand, the video of the poor man’s plight has since gone viral, racking up over five million views as of this writing.

Via: Mirror