When it comes to food, preparing them is a big issue. Why? Do you want to eat foods that are contaminated? I bet you don’t and I’m sure you’ll freak out and throw up really hard if you have the consent that your food is prepared in unsanitary way, just like the video that you’re about to see…

This video is titled ‘Thorth’ a Malayalam Short Film directed by Althaf Rahman. The story is all about a guy who use his all-purpose cloth called thorth.


He use it as a towel, as a tissue, as a dress and many more…

throth 1

The best part? He use it in cooking!


Watch the video below and judge it for yourself!


H/T: Malayalam Titled Videos

After watching this video I want to throw up. I can’t imagine myself in such place eating the food that guy made using his all around cloth. Fortunately this is just a Malayalam Short Film, but if this happens in real life? I really feel sorry for that kind who ate that unhygienic food. LOL