NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow is a devoted Christian and because of this devotion, he vows to be pure and remains virgin until he gets married. Most people mock this kind consecration as those who made declarations later surrendered to the call of flesh. However, Tim has a stronger faith and rebuked the call of evil and as a result it cost him his relationship with his girlfriend.

Tim was dumped by former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo for refusing to make love with her.

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The couple started dating in October, but Tim being a massive lover of God has vowed to abstain from sex until marriage, that left Culpo all dried out and decided to end their relationship.

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An anonymous source told The New York Daily News, “He was really into her, he was sending her love letters and cute notes and professing his love for her. She had to break up with him because she just couldn’t handle it. He still hits her up, but she just can’t deal with the sex thing. He’s pretty adamant about it, I guess.”

Apparently, the beauty queen has a reputation of crashing people’s chastity in the past.

Culpo’s former lover, Nick Jonas, who once declared to wait until marriage and wore a purity ring, ended up losing in the battle of flesh after two years of relationship with her.

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However, Culpo’s sexual charm failed to break Tim Tebow’s undying faith. Somehow, he doesn’t seem too bothered about the breakup and even thank the Lord for everything.


Tim stood on his faith and proved that chastity still exist.

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Some might mock this guy for not banging his hot girlfriend and sticking into his fate, but hats off to you Tim. Just proves that there’s more to life than sex and pleasure and it’s faith.