To travel around the world and find Mr. Right are just two dreams that any woman have. Some women aren’t fortunate enough to fulfill neither one of these dreams. But one man has made his girlfriend the luckiest woman alive by giving her the best of both worlds!

Tomer Algrably and his girlfriend April have been together for four years.

Tomer Algrably 2

In that span of time, they have traveled to several countries like Thailand, Israel, Hong Kong and Philippines, April’s homeland.

Tomer Algrably 3

Tomer decided it’s time to settle down for good, but he wants to propose in a unique way.

Tomer Algrably 7

So he made a surprise proposal video that featured their trips together paired with a guessing game he called “Where is the Ring?”.

Tomer Algrably 1

On their recent trip together a few months ago in Krabi, he left April in a room to watch a video of what he said are “movie trailers”. Little did she know that she would be watching the introduction to his marriage proposal. He secretly set up two cameras on the bed and table to document her priceless reaction.

Then he went into the room to ask her formally…

Tomer Algrably 5

April kissed him and gave Tomer a big “YES.”

Tomer Algrably 6

Here’s the creative marriage proposal:

Update: Tomer & April Same Day Edit Wedding Video

This is the kind of proposal that wouldn’t be rejected, don’t you think? What can you say about viral marriage proposals such as this? Please share your thoughts by posting your comments below.