There are many great artists in the world in their respective field. But when it comes to art, I had a deep respect in Japanese culture. I may sound bias but I think until this day Japanese artists are still the same as the old times with a little help from technology. I believe that they put their heart and soul in everything they do even in their daily routine. It’s because they didn’t let go of the Samurai way of life… The Samurai Code or The Bushido Code. It’s the code with an “Eight Virtues” that a Samurai must follow and Japanese people embed these in their hearts.  And in this video it will show how meticulously and intricately they assemble these woods like a piece of Lego using only a stick to perfectly fit and tighten them.  And they even use the stick to loosen the woods and disassembled them completely.

Two Pieces of Wood woodwork 1 woodwork 2

The Fitting woodwork 3 woodwork 4

The Tightening With a Stickwoodwork 5 woodwork 6 woodwork 7

Perfect Fit! woodwork 8 woodwork 9 woodwork 10

Disassembling With a Stick woodwork 11 woodwork 13 woodwork 14 woodwork 15 woodwork 16 woodwork 17

Watch them in action!


Traditional woodworking is slowly fading and only few are left to continue this art. I hope it will not totally fade and gone forever. Share this and help make this art alive!