What could be more embarrassing than being defeated? It’s sh*tting yourself on live TV!

Remember the MMA fighter who poops himself while on chokehold? Well, that exact same scenario happened again, but this time to a female UFC fighter.

Justine Kish lost a fight at UFC Fight Night 122 against Felice Herrig. But the highlight of the game is when Herrig beats the shit out of Kish – literally!

Apparently, Herrig is dominating the fight and on the third round, Kish was caught on a chokehold.

Justine miraculously escaped the nasty choke hold but in exchange for that, she soiled herself all over the canvas.

Watch this!

Justine Kish had six consecutive victories prior to the fight, however, on UFC 122 she lost not only via unanimous decision but also embarrassingly lost control of her bowel.

Despite the ‘awkward’ defeat, she is looking forward for her comeback and was able to joke about the nasty scene on Twitter.

Her post was supported by fellow UFC fighters and words of encouragements flooded not just from the fighters but from other supporters too.

Justine was literally got beaten the sh*t out her but how she looked at it in a funny and positive way means a lot of awesome fights are coming. I hope not the poop too. LOL!

Via: Unilad