Sometimes having only a guy buddy is not enough, guys are mostly not that much open to each other. Telling your secrets with your guy friends is also not a good idea (next day the whole neighborhood knows it LOL.) This is why a girl best friend is somehow more preferable and here are 15 reasons why every guy should have a girl BFF.

1. You can tell her everything.

1. tell her everything

You can’t talk “emotions” with guys and you can’t share all your secrets with your girlfriend. But with a girl best friend, you can share everything.

2. She’s your relationship tutor.

2. tutor

Having a girl best friend is essential when you’re dating someone. You get all sorts of handy advice like; “buy this for her, tell her that, take her there, don’t be a dick.”

3. She’s a welcome change in pace.

3. pace changer

It feels nice to talk to someone about things other than cricket, cars and girls.

4. You’d be hopeless at shopping if it weren’t for her.

4. shopping

Even the most shopping averse male needs new clothes. But for us, shopping is like Astro-Physics. Thankfully, for our girl BFFs, it’s child’s play. Take her along when you shop for your shit. It’ll make things easier.

5. They make sure you’re following basic hygiene. (Mostly)

5. grooming

There is something about meeting a lady that makes men groom themselves.

6. They improve your fashion sense by 1000x.

6. fashion

The naive will say it is unimportant. But the truth of the matter is that dressing well makes a hell of a difference to your personality and confidence.

7. You get an insight into the female mind.

7. inner

Girl BFFs are like double agents; betraying the secrets of the female mind and tells us what girls like the most and other girly things.

8. They affect a serious change in your behavior.

8. good influence

For some reason, you start to swear a bit less. You become a bit more mature and speak more politely. Interestingly she is somehow a good influence to you.

9. They’re like chicken soup for the broken heart.


They say the best solution to a breakup is a re-bound. Wrong! The best solution to a break up is a heart-felt conversation with your lady friend. See if you don’t feel better.

10. She’s your best reality check.

9. reality check

They make it a point to bring you back to earth whenever you feel too studly.

11. It’s awesome fun to prank her.


Go ahead, make a prank with her, troll her on Facebook!

12. It’s like having a sister, but without all the “brother-sister” mush involved.

13. sister

A sister you can go drinking with everyday.  A totally cool companion!

13. You get to meet all of her girlfriends.

14. girl friends

This is one of the best benefits of having a girl BFF. LOL

14. No one can give a pep-talk like a lady best friend.

14. pep-talk

There is no other person you should call when you’re down in the dumps. She’ll know just what to say to get you to believe in yourself again.

15. And if you go to her wedding, you get to feel like a Dad, Brother and Friend at the same time.

15. wedding

The feels!

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