According to a recent study, women who’ve had too much to drink are more likely to be harassed by men in a bar. Men take advantage of drunk women because to them they look “easy” and because a bar is a place with no rules. But a bar isn’t the only place where a woman can get drunk. Just like men they can drink anywhere and anytime – even in broad daylight. If women drink earlier in the day in another location, will they still be aggressively attacked by men?

Centro Europeo Neurosalus, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic based in Madrid, conducted a social experiment to show how drunk women are easy targets for sexual harassment by predatory men. The experiment also aims to find out how men would react if they encounter an intoxicated woman on the street in an unusual setting – on a weekday during daytime.

The production team hired an actress who dressed in skimpy clothes and pretended to be drunk while roaming the busy streets of Madrid alone.


Three men who passed by approached her. Instructed to be passive during the experiment, she told them that she was lost. The men then asked her where she’s from and what happened to her companions. The woman said that her phone died so she couldn’t contact them. They even said that they will help her find them if she knew or remembers any of her friends’ numbers. Then she told them that she’s had a little too much alcohol.

But instead of telling her to stop drinking, the men invited her to drink more and offered to take her to a bar.


Another man then approached the actress and asked if she drinks often and also suggested getting in touch with her friends.

Shockingly, he forced her to go to a nearby staircase to sit down though she insisted that she didn’t want to leave.


Two brothers also came up to her. Instead of hailing a taxi or calling the police for help, they wanted to buy more liquor so that she could go drinking with them. One of them said his brother will go home and come back and they will go to a nearby store, drink together in the hotel, and afterward call her friends and wait for them in his room.

The man knew that she was in a vulnerable condition and asked for a hug.


Later on, the guy in black put an arm around her shoulder and led her towards the hotel.


This guy tried so hard to convince her to go with him that he even offered his charger. Oh, really? But the woman refused and insisted that she will just sit somewhere near.

Meanwhile, in another part of the city, the woman was approached by a waiter in a nearby restaurant. The waiter who was probably trying to seduce her gave a compliment on her looks.

A few seconds after they met, she was led towards the side of the building as the maniac pinned her against the wall and kiss her several times.


Before things got out of hand, one of the crew members intervened and took the woman away from the waiter.


According to Dr. Jose Miguel Gaona, Director of Centro Europeo Neurosalus, ” The most disappointing fact is that we had no need to edit the video and avoid any scene of someone approaching to help this woman in such a delicate situation. Why? Because nobody got close to help this drunken woman to get a taxi or help her in any other way.”

See the eye-opening social experiment here:

After watching this, I hope that women will avoid drinking alone anywhere and anytime. Stay at home if you want to drink alone and always bring a friend if you plan to get drunk in a public place. Make sure that your phone is completely charged with a spare battery or powerbank so that you can keep in touch with friends or the police in case of emergency. There’s nothing wrong with drinking and getting drunk in public but make sure that you can handle it. To the men who take advantage of drunk women, shame on you!

H/T: Neurosalus, Viral Thread