In most countries it is traditional for men to make the marriage proposal to women, but several cultures have different proposal customs. In Finland, Scotland and Ireland, Leap Day or February 29 is the only day that is accepted for a woman to propose marriage.

There’s even a movie about it entitled Leap Year starring Amy Adams. I guess the woman in this story was inspired by that film so much that she planned a surprise marriage proposal in a party to a man that she has known for two weeks. But what happened next is unexpected!

She dressed up nicely and was so excited as she retouched her lipstick in the nearby bathroom while her friend who was taking the video asked, “Are you ready?”

girl proposal 2

As the camera rolled, they went into the party. She then saw her boyfriend, put her two arms on his shoulder and pulled him closer.

girl proposal 3

Before popping the question she even turned off the music so that everyone can hear what she was about to say. Then she made her speech…

“I know it’s only been two weeks, but it’s been the best two weeks of my life. You’re so, so special.”

woman proposal 4

She got down on one knee with a ring box on her hand. “Will you marry me?” It’s a leap year, so I’d have to wait for four more years” she pleaded.

woman proposal 5

But the proposal didn’t go as planned, the embarrassing girl was rejected then suddenly she went ballistic, cursing and beating her boyfriend.

Watch her shocking reaction here:



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“Never rush marriage coz it’s intended to last forever. If there’s one thing in life that we must take seriously and slowly yet surely, it is finding the right one.” – Kareen Sannad