We’ve featured so many unique wedding proposals here at Wereblog and most of them were planned and done by men. However, that doesn’t mean women cannot propose to men, right? In fact there is a very romantic flashmob wedding proposal made by a woman from Sweden that has gone viral recently.

A man named Michael went to little square in Helsingborg to meet up with his girlfriend for lunch. The waiter led Michael to a table in the middle.

Moments later, a flash mob came in.

flashmob proposal 1At first, the unsuspecting guy had no idea what was going on and took pictures of the flash mob.

But when his girlfriend suddenly showed up and danced with the mob, he already knew he’s about to say YES!

flashmob proposal 2

It turned out to be their first date as an engaged couple.

Michael is very lucky for having his fiancée. Indeed, love knows no boundaries.