Mammoths are predecessors of giant animals we know now as elephants. They have been extinct for such a long time but some of their remains were found all over the planet. While some do not believe that dinosaurs actually walked this earth, I bet this discovery of two farmers will probably change their minds.

Farmers James Bristle and neighbor Trent Satterthwaite had the biggest surprise of their life when they accidentally dug up a woolly mammoth.

The Michigan farmers were working to drain water from part of the field when they accidentally hit something they couldn’t quite identify.
Photo: Daryl Marshke, University of Michigan

They had already dug 8 feet deep when a wood-like structure started to appear. At first, they thought it was just a “bent post”, but pretty soon they have stumbled upon an amazing discovery.

Photo: Daryl Marshke, University of Michigan
The wood-like structure was actually a remain of a woolly mammoth!
Photo: Washington Post
After more digging, they found a surprising 20% or so of the woolly mammoth’s skeleton like the head and tusks, several ribs, a set of vertebrae, and more.
Photo: Daryl Marshke, University of Michigan
This particular mammoth lived more than 10,000 years ago…
Photo: Daryl Marshke, University of Michigan

According to Dan Fisher, a professor at the University of Michigan, the giant animal which was in its 40s or 50s when it died might be hunted down and the missing parts were probably consumed by humans.

woolly-mammoth 2
Photo: Daryl Marshke, University of Michigan
He also added that there have been about 30 woolly mammoths found in Michigan, but only five or fewer have been uncovered so extensively.
Photo: Washington Post
Watch this footage:

However, Fisher said that the mammoth found might not technically be “woolly.” Instead, it could be a “Jeffersonian mammoth” which is a hybrid between a woolly mammoth and Columbian mammoth.

“You have a better chance of winning the lotto than doing what we just did,” Satterthwaite said.

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